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My Art Commissions are open again! The prices and examples can be found on Twitter HERE, or HERE.

Retweets on Twitter would be highly appreciated.

If you can't see either links, here are the prices: 


Sketch ($5) Hand Drawn Sketch ($6)


Line Art ($8) Hand Drawn Line Art ($10)


Colored Art ($13) Hand Drawn Colored Art ($17)



See you guys in the next post. :)


New Assets

2017-04-17 10:03:22 by theanimationwheel

Assets from my upcoming animation are on Patreon. They are frames of traditional animation that were scanned into my computer. The link is below.

New Music Track

2017-04-04 15:39:57 by theanimationwheel

I challenged myself to make a music track in an hour, and here are the results. It's only $0.50, so consider buying if you would like. :)

It's a little low quality, so "Soz." ~Rafa Gamers Productions


See yas

Hey. I make music now, and I'm gonna start posting it on Bandcamp

Click here to go to my Bandcamp page.

You can buy my first song for $0.50, and if that goes well, I'll keep that as the normal price for all my songs. If a song goes over 5 minutes however, I might raise the price of that song to $0.70 or $1 depending how long the song goes.

My first song is up, so go check it out if you want. :)


See you later Newgrounds.


2017-01-08 10:27:20 by theanimationwheel

The Animation Wheel on Vidme:

Consider following so I can get verified. If I get verified, I get tips ($$) from the community of Vidme (If they feel like it), and if I get tips, I can hire animators to help on my animations. If I hire animators and voice artists, I can pump out animations quicker! :D



2016-12-31 11:40:34 by theanimationwheel

Donate if you want. ;)


            Jacob James (The Animation Wheel)


Oh cool, I already got one. Thanks Rooted Roots! >>

Movie Update

2016-11-29 08:00:29 by theanimationwheel

Please watch for an important update...

Thank you.


2016-11-21 20:18:53 by theanimationwheel

For the past year on YouTube, I've been trying to get to 1,000 subs. The reason for this, is that I was trying to make Ad-Revenue. This is a problem, because I only have like 370 subs as of when this is posted. I need around 730 more subs to actually make money. What I can do, is either not worry about the subs and Ad-Revenue and just open up a Patreon, give people my paypal so they can donate to me, or have you guys spread this link like the plague


^^ That is my YouTube link. With your help, I can take my hobby and turn it into a job.


Here is my PayPal:


Send donations there. I'm not likely to set up a Patreon.

2016 Animation Supercut!

2016-11-11 20:00:42 by theanimationwheel


All salvaged animations from 2016 so far in a supercut 20 minute video!


**Also, new released animation went from 3.5 stars to 2.5 stars in the span of an hour. Show it some love! :)

My Movie

2016-10-26 20:37:33 by theanimationwheel

Hey YOU! Lookin' for quality enterainment? Well you've come to the wrong place right now. I'm not gonna show you any quality entertainment right at this moment.

Please, when it comes out, watch my feature film. I, along with a small crew, have been working hard on it.

Making an animated feature is no walk in the park.

It's coming out November 30th, and from now, until the end of Nowember, I will be making update videos on Eliminate.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss any new videos on the movie and it's production, along with me telling you when it is officially out and where you can buy it.

I cannot let any more information out about the movie than I will let out in the Update videos, however, along with school, and homework, and stuff I would not like to mention...


I might make the due date somewhere around January.

This is only if the movie isn't completely touched up.

Until then, I will see you later I guess because I have no other information to spill out and soak on your lovely heads.




**In case you didn't see the orange text earlier in the post, you're supposed to click it to go to my YouTube page.