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OMG! I'm making a TV show that might premiere on Adult Swim, or if they don't like the show, then I might upload some episodes to YouTube or Newgrounds. Or if I can, Comedy Central. I'm working with costromile, someone I've worked with before on my American Idol Parody Video. He's making the music for the theme song for me because I have no f*cking idea how to make music. XD. Anyway, that's why I havent been posting much. Thank you for understanding everyone. ;3


~Jacob James


Video Suggestions?

2016-04-03 12:23:31 by theanimationwheel

I'm making an American Idol Parody. If anyone wants to make a suggestion on a scene or something, they can. I will pick the best one, animate it in one of the scenes, and put that persons name in the credits. Also, If you have a suggestion and reply that suggestion, but it doesn't make it into the video, I will still just put your name in the credits.


2016-04-01 08:52:38 by theanimationwheel

We need to think of a plan to get Trump off of Newgrounds. Comment your suggestions!