2016-11-21 20:18:53 by theanimationwheel

For the past year on YouTube, I've been trying to get to 1,000 subs. The reason for this, is that I was trying to make Ad-Revenue. This is a problem, because I only have like 370 subs as of when this is posted. I need around 730 more subs to actually make money. What I can do, is either not worry about the subs and Ad-Revenue and just open up a Patreon, give people my paypal so they can donate to me, or have you guys spread this link like the plague


^^ That is my YouTube link. With your help, I can take my hobby and turn it into a job.


Here is my PayPal:


Send donations there. I'm not likely to set up a Patreon.


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2016-11-21 21:43:39

The way YouTube works, you'll need to post somewhere around 2 videos a week to benefit from their algorithms. If this isn't done, your subscribers are not likely to get your video in their feed and you'll see a decrease in views relative to subs. Why is this important?

Well, the more views you have, the more YouTube will want to show your video to others, meaning it is more likely to show up in recommended feeds. This is a somewhat positive feedback loop, and the hope is that one of your videos will end up getting substantial views.

The other thing YouTube cares about (and this is what can hurt animators and skit channels) is video length. Typically they want longer videos that viewers will sit through to the end. This often means that animation channels get hit hard twice, once from the time between videos that YouTube doesn't want, and again from the length of the video.

I believe you have a few more solutions than asking for donations. A big way animators can really hit the big youtube algorithm goals are through tutorials or vlogs. These only need to be about 10 minutes and tutorials can attract interest of upcoming artists, while vlogs can be a medium to convey channel progress and really connect with your subscribers. Additionally, if your computer can handle it, I would also recommend streaming art sessions every once in a while. Streaming has much higher returns from a smaller fanbase and while It won't always increase your fanbase, it does improve your relations with the fans you have.

I would recommend avoiding daily videos if you aren't used to it, you'll burn out. Instead, i would suggest aiming for a weekly video of about 10 minutes long, and it can be about anything. Given that you uphold quality, and you promote yourself on social media like twitter, facebook, reddit, I think you'll reach your sub goal in a few months.