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Fan-fucking-tastic you guys

1080p beautiful

I don't want to write an actual review because you might get mad like you got mad at ShirukenNG. I'll leave my critique at the door and just come on in with stars. Stars are all that matter apparently.

gilfgavin responds:

No man it's not that i'll get mad after reading an actual review, it's how the critique is worded and if there is a tone of encouragement rather than being condescending and a dick. If you would like to give an artist critique, give it in a way that will build them up and help them improve.

The art style and animation was pretty ok. But you probably should have made the characters more likeable instead of dicks. Some sound design and voice acting was a bit off to me too.

Ant0on responds:

Yeah, I guess this art style is much better https://www.teepublic.com/user/jacob_james_1


Bill, I really love what you've done here. You took your old style, and completely flipped it on its head in a good way. This is amazing, and I loved everything about it. I loved the messy textures on the 3D objects that made it look like they were 2D. It looked like a diorama, and I love that you were able to pull that off. I love the subtle irony that you put into it, like when the 3D candy falls into Jim's hand. It reminds me a lot of Pickle and Peanut and I just can't express how much I love your new work. You put so much effort into this and it really pays off. I hope to see this on P-Bot's Daily Picks, and the Weekly Picks because this truly deserves it. This is amazing, and I hope to see more work like this from you in the future, and I'd be lucky if I ever amount to something like this. I want this to have more recognition, and I want it to be seen and loved by people as much as I loved it. This is kick-ass man.


This wasn't all that good. You should try to stay away from mucky colours. They don't look very appealing. I don't want to say much because when ShirukenNG wrote a long review actually giving you criticism and telling you how to improve, you blew him off and said you weren't going to read it since it was so long. But I think you should read it, and stop telling people you are better than them, since if someone has an issue with your work, and has evidence on why it's bad, they are clearly in the right, and you aren't the perfect person you think you are. Listen to ShirukenNG. He has valid points, and actual ways you can make a good animation without these cookie cutter cartoons you pump out.

Deltaplanet responds:

If he has a problem with my work then he doesn't have to be so mean. All he and you do is point out the negatives. Where's the positives to help motivate people like me? You could learn something from sending only negative feedback by changing it up and saying both what you like and do not like. And if you do not like anything then why are you going through all of my work? If you do not like it then fine but you don't have to write 269 words to try and push me down and then continue by scanning through all of my work. If all you do is point out the negatives you just come across as a hater. You've probably had a few people do the same to you too. These are all old projects that I am putting on here anyway so it isn't exactly 'pumping' out content. Be sure to tell your collab friend that too ok? :)


I loved this video.

that was delicious thank you.

I make the cartoon, yeah?

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